Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Video Reflection

This is my video reflection on 2007 in team 14. Filmed by Amelia Lay.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Inquiry Evaluation

For my inquiry we made a movie.It was a news show and the special guest was a scientiist and the whole news was based on global warming. I think that the movie was good because it had lots of information in it about global warming and we hope people get the message and tell others so that we can help stop global warming, but it had some funny stuff aswell like when a fake scientist comes in and he is actually a meantal hospital patient, we needed to put stuff like this in so that people don't get bored. Next time I would make it shorter because people are going to get bored after a while, I would also make it a wee bit less funny because it got too silly.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ju's Goals. term 4.

My goal first goal is to hand in all my work at school and to make sure that it is completed, I especially need to hand in my homelearning. I will achieve this goal by doing as much homelearning or as much of any type of work I have every night and putting it in my backpack as soon as I have finished. I will know I have achieved it when I can hand my work in with everyone elses at school. I will achieve this by the end of the term.

Goals, Term 4.

My second goal is to do more excercise after school and in the weekends. I will acieve this goal by doing at least 20 minutes of an outside activity everyday so that I get fitter. I will know I have achieved it when I am fitter and I am into the routine of doing at least 20 minutes everyday. I will try and achieve this by the end of the term.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ju's Term 4 Goals

My last goal is to help my mum out at home by doing extra jobs and helping her finish some of her own jobs. I will achieve this by doing any jobs that I can, when I can to help out mum. I will know I have achieved it when mum doesn't have as much to do. I will try and achieve this by the end of the term.

Ju's Persuasive Writing

We should not be spending our days at the mall and talking on cellphones while we are young.

We should be free while we can because when we are older we will have heaps of time to do stuff like that and while we are still young we shouldn’t waste our time. We need to go outside and play and get into a bit of trouble sometimes and we can’t do that when we are older.

A lot of girls are putting on make up and trying to look as good as possible and just to be cool. But we shouldn’t care about doing stuff like that because we will have 30 or 40 years for it when we are older. We only have about 10 years to have fun and most of us have already wasted about 5 of those years.

I have met heaps of adults that regret not having fun while they could’ve and they all tell me to go outside and play and get muddy and wet and do whatever we want while we still have time.

I know heaps of people who look up to the adults and their sisters or brothers and try to be like them but when we get to that age we can do what they were doing and that gives us something to look forward to. Most people don’t know this but the adults and the teenagers are almost looking up to us, because we have barely any responsibilities and we are free to do whatever we want.

Overall I think that some people do act their age but more of us need to, because if we don’t we will regret it and we won’t get another chance.

This is my rubric of this piece of writing:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ju's Speech Evaluation

My speech was on the difference between the French and the English.
I think it was pretty good because I put lots of effort into it and lots of people liked it. Next time I would try to talk slower because my speech was way to far under the time limit and some people couldn't hear what I was saying. I think that it was okay but I also think that I should've practised more.